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meeting your match shouldn’t be difficult. we like our shade guides like we like our love interests. straightforward and easy to read.

find your shade category:

find the image below that most closely represents your skin tone. then look at the underside of your arm and your wrist. check out the list of undertone attributes to find the best fit.

find your shade below





find your undertone:


  • you see hints of blue, pink, and red in skin tone
  • veins on wrist appear purple
  • you look best in jewel tones
  • silver jewelry suits you most


  • you see hints of gold or yellow in your skin tone
  • veins on wrist appear blue-green
  • you look best in earth tones
  • gold jewelry suits you most


  • veins on wrist appear both purple and blue-green
  • you see hints of both warm and cool hues in your skin tone
  • you look best in any color
  • gold and silver jewelry works equally as well for you

the results

your shade category + your undertone = your truest shade, trusty companion and best overall match. one you’re certain to love!

your shade

shade category + undertone

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