we’re TINGE. a body beauty brand.

confidence is our brand catalyst; body positivity is our native language. we're on a mission to bring you a body regimen (and message!) you can be proud of that is guaranteed to keep you looking good + feeling better.

"i created TINGE because i knew there needed to be something more for body— from body makeup and beyond. i also felt a deep conviction to rewrite the rules of beauty through our brand voice by avoiding language that implies you should look any different than the way you feel most beautiful or confident." -kourtney leigh, TINGE founder + ceo

our ethos traces back to the very definition of TINGE; a slight trace of color, feeling, or quality and our curated body products are meant to be just that. never drastic, always subtle, giving you confidence to feel good in the skin that you’re in.

everything we do, build, and create is powered by feeling. so whether you love or leave our products, we hope you'll always choose what makes you feel good on your way to becoming the beholder of your own beauty.

we view makeup as a choice. never a requirement. makeup may only be skin deep, but the way it makes you feel matters. does it make you feel good? wear it. view it as an art? love it. feel like its an obligation? leave it.

bodies are special, unique, and sacred. body beauty is a mental + physical matter. what we feed our bodies and believe in our minds is significant. TINGE is elevating choice, confidence, and individuality by giving you permission to be the beholder of your own beauty.

head to toe. day to night. we've got you covered.