frequently asked questions

tint vs. foundation.. what’s the difference?

  • foundation can tend to be full-coverage, cakey, and not super breathable or wearable. the TINGE tint provides a medium, buildable coverage. our lightweight, long-lasting formula was designed to feel like a second skin, giving you a natural feel + finish. 

    how does the TINGE tint work?

    • just like foundation for your face, the color and coverage of the tint rests on the skin giving you that immediate, noticeable glow while active moisturizing agents work their magic keeping your skin hydrated even after you’ve washed your tint off. 

      how should the TINGE tint be applied? 

      1. exfoliate and prep skin
      2. apply the TINGE tint to desired areas by hand or with your favorite blender, mitt, or brush.
      3. wait 5 minutes or until completely dry before dressing.
      4. ta-da! you’re good to go. 

      how long does the TINGE tint last? 

      • up to 24 hours. 

        how do I remove the TINGE tint?

        • soap and water is all you need babe. wear it as long as you want, get rid of it as soon as you don’t.

          first time TINGE’ing. any tips?

          • exfoliating is key for best application! apply the TINGE tint to clean, dry skin and you’ll be TINGE’ing like a pro. 

            is the TINGE tint a tanning product?

            • nope. we’re glad you asked! our line of tints was intentionally and thoughtfully curated to elevate choice and confidence. our products are season and use case agnostic. whether you’re looking for a natural winter glow or a full out summer glam, we’ve got you covered. you’re guaranteed to find a match all year long with our line of trusty undertone-oriented TINGE tints. no streaks, stains, or stink here. 

              do TINGE products contain DHA? 

              • they do not. as stated above, our products are not tanning products and therefore do not contain DHA, which is the tanning ingredient that develops over time and stains the skin. 

                is the TINGE tint scented?

                • no! the TINGE tint is fragrance free and scentless. you won’t even know it’s there! 

                  does the TINGE tint protect my skin from UV rays?

                  • the TINGE tint does not contain SPF and therefore does not protect against harmful UV rays. we always recommend applying your favorite mist SPF after you apply your TINGE tint. 

                    how do I know which shade will match my truest tone?

                    • check out our meet your match guide here! if you’re still unsure about your match email a photo to our team at we’re happy to help! stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to meet your match IRL. 

                        are TINGE products vegan and cruelty free?

                        • absolutely. we test on babes, not bunnies. TINGE products do not contain any animal or animal derived ingredients. 

                          are TINGE products non-toxic? 

                          • yes! at TINGE we believe we should be treating our bodies like we treat our faces. our products are non-toxic, cruelty free, vegan, and free of parabens + fragrance.

                            does TINGE transfer to clothing, towels, sheets, etc.?

                            • no! ever sit on a white chair at an event or drift off on your laundered sheets for a siesta with paranoia that you’ll leave a little body makeup behind? we’ve all been there! the TINGE tint was designed to do life with you and we mean it when we say our products are truly water and transfer resistant. don’t sweat the small stuff. we’ve got you covered babe.

                              can I use body moisturizer after applying TINGE?

                              • no! we don’t suggest applying any other liquid products to the body after you apply your TINGE tint. the tint has a matte finish and contains moisturizing agents to keep your skin hydrated. 

                                do TINGE products streak or go patchy?

                                • they do not! the TINGE tint goes on smooth and once dry doesn’t budge for up to 24 hours. please exfoliate well prior to use for best results.

                                  what should I do if I think I’m allergic or sensitive to TINGE products?

                                  • immediately discontinue use and contact your physician. we always recommend doing a small swatch test prior to full body use. 

                                    does TINGE blur the appearance of scars, veins, and skin conditions such as acne, sun spots, psoriasis, eczema melasma, and vitiligo? 

                                    • yes! our mattifying formula blurs the appearance of scars, veins, and various skin conditions; creating evenness and consistency in tone. the TINGE tint formula is extremely buildable, allowing you to adjust the level of coverage where you wish.

                                      does the TINGE tint cover tattoos?

                                      • somewhat! the tint will blur the appearance of a tattoo, but will not completely cover it. if you’re looking to cover your tattoo, layer your TINGE tint for maximum coverage.

                                        SOS. I just placed and order, but need to make a change. 

                                        • email with your order number in the subject line and request in the body text ASAP! if the order has already been processed, we can’t guarantee that we will be able to make a change to the order, but we promise to do our very best. 

                                          what payment methods do you accept?

                                          • visa, mastercard, american express, and discover

                                            where does TINGE ship?

                                            • we only ship to the United States at the moment. stay tuned, we have plans for you international babes. 

                                              how long will it take for my order to arrive?

                                              • most orders will arrive within 3 to 5 business days of the order being placed. if there seems to be an issue with your order, you can reach us at!

                                                how can I track my order?

                                                • you’ll receive an email with tracking details once your order has been packed. don’t hesitate to reach out with questions! 

                                                  what is your return policy?

                                                  • all returns must be processed within 30 days of receiving the order. your order number must be included to place a return. once approved, you will be refunded in full to your original form of payment. please note, credit card refunds typically take 5-10 days to appear on your statement and original shipping charges are not refunded. email our team at with your order number and we'll help your return process started. please note, all official merchandise is final sale and cannot be returned. 

                                                    can I sell TINGE products on my own site?

                                                    • no you cannot. by purchasing TINGE products, you agree to not resell or distribute our products for commercial purposes. if we have reason to believe your order is not for personal use, your order will be terminated. 

                                                      is my product still safe to use if i see a trace of separation?

                                                      • yes, it is! some natural separation may occur. we recommend you shake the bottle well before each use and any natural separation should seamlessly blend back together with your product.